Temple of the Gods

Since I seem to be running out of Greek and Roman sites to visit, I searched for Egyptian sites tonite. I found one called Temple of the Gods (traffic 947). My initial reaction was that this was not going to be a site that I would need to be at for very long, since the sign mentioned mall and recreation center. I first wandered into a store, which did have some nice Egyptian themed items, but since I was looking for history/archaeology sites I was about to leave when I stumbled across a museum. – "The Museum of Ancient Egypt." When I went in, I was pretty impressed – the museum was crammed  full of images 


artifacts and quite a bit of information. This is one of the better SL museums, in terms of quantity, that I have had the chance to visit so far. This seems to be one of the sites that it would be good to send a class to visit. There was even an entrance to a tomb and when I went down the stairs into it, I have to admit it gave me the feeling of descending into a real tomb. There is also a section that is called the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which I will visit tomorrow.



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