3rd time is the charm

Sorry for missing yesterday but I have been preoccupied with finishing up our AIA poster. I can say that it is finally done and ready to go. So, as a treat for finishing up the poster, I went back to the Roman Empire SL site and watched some gladiatorial combat. It seemed to be more training than combat, and Glaf_001_3 I was there a bit early. One of my colleagues mentioned that I seemed a bit "obsessed" with gladiators. Which of course made me think of the famous gladiator line from the movie Airplane. I have to admit a type of fascination with gladiatorial combat. I saw a very nice exhibit on gladiators at the Ephesus museum this summer and that got me thinking about SL. That is why I have been dropping by this site in the hopes of catching a fight. I was very interested to see how the gladiatorial combat in SL would be handled. On the surface it seemed to be a series of choreographed movements that were probably animations. I managed to speak to one of the gladiators after she left the arena and learned each fighter’s actions was controlled by a HUD they purchased. The weapons you chose controlled the types of movements. I was pleased that everyone I asked questions of was very polite and patient with me – a trait I noticed that is common in SL – the ability to walk up or fly up to a total stranger and ask them a question and have them answer it both politely and helpfully. I spent some more time watching gladiators arriving and being amazed at the range of outfits, some historical – some not. All in all, a pleasant time, and that is the key difference between this and a Roman gladiatorial match – there was nothing at stake and the possibility of injury or death was present. While ancient gladiators did not die in the arena at the rates portrayed in the movies, there was always that risk. Anyway, I will move on to a different site tomorrow.

Glaf_003 RSM

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