September 5th

Well, so much for trying to post everyday. New goal, once a week. So, let’s see where we are on various projects:

1) PKAP – We are now fully in the post fieldseason writing phase. We are currently writing grant applications for next year, and even a few for 2009. What we are focusing on right now is our paper for the Byzantine Studies Conference which will take place in Toronto this October. I am also trying to redo our project website but have run into a few snags. My goal was to learn how to use Dreamweaver and use templates for easy updating. I had been using Frontpage for many years and was quite accustomed to its quirks and tricks. I have created a drop-down navigation bar, but can’t get it to work with the template, so the web redo will have to wait until next week.

2) Second Life – We have just begun a project to create a virtual model of our site in Second Life to allow visitors to see what the site looks like and what techniques we use on the project. This project just started and will hopefully be available to the public at the start of the new year.

3) Documentary #2 – This is in the editing stage and hopefully we will have more info on this soon.


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