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Sorry for the delay in putting up a new blog, but I took some time off for teaching summer school and taking a short family vacation. So, let’s see……to finish off the summer, the project wrapped up successfully, in fact very successfully. We submitted all of our paperwork and stored all our stuff for next year. We left our cooking stuff at Petrou Brothers and all of our archaeology equipment at the Larnaka District Archaeological Museum. Now that we are back in the US we have begun what we refer to as our fall season. We have a couple of conference papers to prepare and a couple of articles that we are polishing for publication. We have also started looking at grant deadlines and have even started writing a few grants – some for next summer and some for summer 2009. So, in a way the season never really stops. For example, we had a lengthy email exchange between David Pettegrew, Bill Caraher, and myself over the food budget and cooking trying to find ways to make it more efficient and easier.

One sad note to report – Dr. Danielle Parks passed away recently. Danielle had been working in Cyprus for 10 years and when I was trying to set up PKAP she was kind enough to sit down with me and give me lots of useful advice. She will be missed. For more information see:

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