Back to School

So today was the first day for my fall semeter at IUP. As usual, it was quite chaotic. As, is usual, I often find myself on the first day of a new semester thinking back to last semester. I had several people ask me about how my Digital History class went and to be honest I wasn’t really sure. I feel better today though, one of the students from the class came up to me and told me that the skills she learned in the class got her a full-time job offer at her work. So, that was a nice way to start my semester.

I am going to give Read it Later a try. I ran across this site while looking for a good calendar program. I have installed it on my computer and on my phone. The program allows you to save webpages to read later at your leisure. It will be interesting to see if this helps me, I often see things I want to read and then never go back to see them.



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