Facebook and Academic Performance

A doctoral student at The Ohio State University discovered that students who use Facebook earn lower grade-point averages than students who don’t use Facebook. In addition the students who don’t use Facebook spend more time studying. The article I saw “Does Facebook Lower Academic Performance? It’s Still Too Soon to Say” says that:

  • Ms. Karpinski asserts that she never argued that Facebook is causing poor academic performance — just that she found a connection and that more should be done to study the matter. She points out that the title of her research paper is far from sensational: “A Description of Facebook Use and Academic Performance Among Undergraduate and Graduate Students.” She plans to present her findings on Thursday at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. “I completely acknowledge the limitations of my research,” she said. “What I found is so exploratory — people need to chill out.”

This will be interesting to follow.


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