It has been a busy few days. We are working hard to finish up our analysis of the small area known as E.F1. We have been working at the museum and apotheke, and writing at the hotel. Seems to be coming along pretty well. We are hoping to be done with this part soon, and then move on to some other projects. The weather is getting a little warmer, and the gnats have been particularly bad. But the sunsets can make up for that.

Since I couldn’t sleep the other night, I used the opportunity to do some work on my potato chip research. It turns out that I have evaluated 64 different flavors, with an average score of 4.57. I used the opportunity to go back and re-evaluated two flavors I tried early on Lay’s Prawn Cocktail that I originally tried in 2010 and rated as a 10 – the only 10 given so far. The other was Lay’s Feta flavored potato chips which I evaluated in 2013 and gave a 1 – so, complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

First up, Prawn Cocktail. No surprise here. Good crunch, great flavor – the chip by which all other chips should be measured…..and probably be found lacking. A clear **(10) again. Just a great chip. Not much else to say, other than why can’t I get these in the US? The Herr’s Old Bay Bay flavored chips are somewhat close, but not really. I like the Old Bay, but they are a step down.

For my second re-evaluation, I am trying Lay’s Feta flavored chips. I am a big feta fan, I even like the feta in the US which usually isn’t even very close to tasting the way that feta should. Fortunately, I can get real feta from either the Strip in Pittsburgh or from my local Italian supermarket. I don’t really remember what these chips tasted like, all I can remember is what Bill said after trying them – “They taste like cat vomit.” As a cat owner, or really as the servant of two cats, that really strikes home with me. Anyway, the crunch was good. The flavor was ………..hard to describe. It was certainly very salty, and sort of musty. I would say that this time I would give it a **(2). So slightly better, but still pretty close to my original evaluation.


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