New Week and More Chips

We did not go to the apotheke on Saturday or Sunday. We did do some computer work on Saturday. and Sunday was a day off. So today (Monday) we returned to the apotheke and continued working our way through the ceramics from E.F1. Our goal is to make sure we had looked at all of the sherds, even the ones from less than secure contexts. We finished that today, which means I get to do some drawing of profiles. The art gene skipped me – both my mom and daughter have amazing skills when it comes to art, me not at all. With a lot of practice though, I can draw and then ink on the computer a relatively reasonable profile. Well, mainly reasonable, let’s say…it’s accurate.

I also have some chip reviews to share, I realize that I haven’t posted any lately. First up is, Pipers Biggleswade Sweet Chilli Crisps. I generally like chili peppers, so I had high expectations for this chip. The bite was pretty good, though not as crispy as Tyrells. The flavor, though, was …….. hard to describe. It started off in a way that me think that I was going to taste paprika, which I like, but then it became muted and heavy…..and didn’t get any better. Just not good, so I gave them a **(2).

In an effort to have a positive potato chip review after the the last two chips, I decided to try another chip, also by Pipers. This was Pipers Burrow Hill Apple Cider and Sea Salt. The crunch was like the previous Pipers flavor, pretty good. The flavor was also pretty good. It was a bit muted, unfortunately. It tasted good initially, but the vinegar was a very delicate flavor that you had to focus on to be aware of it. It was easy to forget about the vinegar and almost believe it was a plain salted chip. Since I am a vinegar fan, I wanted more vinegar, much like more cowbell. I gave them a *****(6). I also added another step to the process, since the other night a fellow archaeologist in Polis pointed out that I really should be Munselling the chips, and since I have my Capsure X-Rite rm200 with me, I figured why not. Plus, it is always good to go high-tech, right? In case you aren’t familiar with Munsell Soil Color Books, they are a way for archaeologists to standardize their vocabulary for describing soil and ceramic colors.

These chips are 2.5Y 7/3 (pale brown). It will be interesting to see if there is much difference across the potato chip spectrum, though I doubt it.

I also intend in the coming week to provide some numeric analysis of my data, as well as some fancy charts and graphs, etc. All in the name of science.


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