Museum Day #1

Today was our first full day of research in Polis. We did a bit of cleaning, mainly sweeping and cleaning the tabletops before setting up our stuff in our usual places. The first day at the apotheke is always a bit like the opening day of baseball, a lot of ceremony and tradition. Since we had stopped at the bakery on the way to the apotheke, Bill and I each ate our inaugural vanilla glazed doughnut. Then we discussed a plan of action for the day. For me, that meant grabbing some pottery trays to analyze our work in the area known as EF1. Before I could begin studying the pottery, I needed to decide on which songs would be selected as this field season’s opening songs from my pottery playlist – a great honor for those selected. After a few minutes pondering the issue, my opening day selections were:

Once the music started, then it was just a matter of looking at pottery for the next few hours. It is always a little slow getting back into the groove, and after missing the last two summers, it felt a little harder to get things moving at the correct speed. But, by the end of the day, things felt pretty normal.


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