Last Full Week in Polis

This is out last full week in Polis. Bill leaves for Greece on Monday and I leave for PA a week from Friday. It is also the point in the season where we go from feeling like everything is under control to worrying about getting everything done. We used Sunday for catching up on computer work. Then we spent Monday at the apotheke continuing to refine our work in EF1, this time looking at the earlier Roman material. This morning we spent some time at the Polis Archaeological Museum looking at stamped pottery and the lamps, or more accurately lamp fragments, that came from EF1. There were a couple of nice lamps, but most were small fragments. This involved cataloguing them and illustrating them. We spent the afternoon back at the apotheke working through some more pottery. The rest of the week will be pretty busy. I am going to the Kourion Museum tomorrow to look at some pottery from the Kourion Amathous Gate Cemetery and Thursday I am going to a reception in Nicosia. That really only leaves Friday and Saturday to get things wrapped up at the apotheke, so it will be tight to get everything done.


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