Hello My Old Friends

So Wednesday Bill and Amy spent the morning looking at EF1 (current work), EF2 (previous work), and EG0 (future work…maybe). This meant that I was at the apotheke by myself. This also meant no earphones and loud music (AC/DC, Def Leppard, Journey, etc.). The pottery, insects, lizards, all appreciated my music choices – at least no complaints. It was probably a good thing Bill wasn’t here – a bee flew into the apotheke and I at first thought it was a drone because it was that large. Bill would have lost his mind. After a few minutes it flew back out. As I mentioned yesterday, we are going back through some of our older pottery analyses for EF2 to see if they can be tightened up. This means Cypriot Red Slip (CRS) and lots of it. Tons of it. But, this is my favorite type of pottery (Late Roman Fine Ware) and my favorite ware (Cypriot Red Slip) so it was a good morning.

After we finished up for the day, Bill, Amy, and I took a ride into the hills and visited two churches, and a mosque/church. It was a nice trip, except for the bugs. The little annoying gnats are everywhere. Everyone says it is because Cyprus had a lot of rain recently and it has now dried out – leading to an explosion of these bugs. Everyone you go when you are outside, a swarm soon appears. Fortunately, this is supposed to only last for about two weeks and then they will go away. For dinner we went up into the hills in a different direction and ate a restaurant in Neo Chorio, Pavlaras Prengos Tavern. The food was good, the view was spectacular (looking down over the coast as the sun set), but the drive back to our hotel in the dark, not so great. We got lost for about 10 minutes before we worked our way out of the hills.

Thursday was more of the same as far as the apotheke. Things are getting crowded at the hotel since another project has started arriving. This project is large enough that they booked all of the remaining rooms at the hotel and even had to arrange lodging at another hotel for some. My only concerns are noises at night (I’m old and need my sleep), and the internet slowing down because so many people are using it – we’ll see how it works over the weekend.

Friday was sort of a day off. We took Amy to the airport and showed here around Larnaka a little bit. It also meant that we were able to eat lunch at my favorite souvlaki restaurant on the island – it was great as ever. It is amazing how much hotter it is in Larnaka compared to Polis. Since we took off Friday we are going to work at least Saturday in the apotheke to catch up on illustrating and cataloguing.


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