Back to the Apotheke

Yesterday we ran into Larnaka to pick up Amy at the airport. We stopped at Zygi for lunch on the way back. The fish restaurant we always eat at was closed, so we had to pick a new one, but we still had the same meal – calamari, octopus, fries, salad, and olives. It was a nice relaxing meal.

Today I was back in the apotheke with a new task. Our work with EF1 is pretty much done for the season, so I am back plundering in the pottery from EF2 which is the south basilica area. Our article on our work there is going to press later this week, so that was good news. The goal now is to work with the cooking wares and a few of the finewares from EF2 and see what sort of refinement is possible. I always hate going back into pottery I have already read since I am always worried that I made some sort of huge mistake that I will now catch.


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