Quiet Weekend

So, it has been a quiet weekend at Polis. The weather has been perfect – sunny, no clouds, just a hint of a breeze, and 75 degrees or so. So, since the weather was so good, I spent both days inside doing computer work. Saturday I created the ceramic catalogue for our upcoming EF1 publication.

By upcoming, I mean we plan to submit it somewhere in the coming months – our goal is to have the text ready to submit by when we leave Polis. That will leave me to finish inking the illustrations. This entailed making sure that all the artifact entries matched each other in format and all had the requisite information included.

Today I spent the day breaking apart our large files of drawings for PKAP II into files containing only one illustration and labeled accordingly. This is done in Illustrator and I’m not bad with it, but when I go a couple of months without using it I tend to forgot some things, so it was an uneven start to the process. Tomorrow morning we are going to run to Larnaka to pick up Amy from the airport. Maybe this will be a good chance to stop at Zygi for lunch.


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