Friday at the Apotheke

Not a lot to report, we have been working hard at the apotheke on a couple of projects. Our main goal has been to finish our work on the small site of EF1, which we started last summer. So while Bill has been working on the database, I have been illustrating artifacts. I have also been creating the artifact catalogue for the article we are preparing. I also have had the chance to play with a new gadget – the Munsell CAPSURE Color Matching Tool, or as Bill calls it the Munsellator 2000. This device gives you a digital readout of the artifact’s colors without having to match it by eye to a Munsell book. I have some ideas for ways to test it later in the season to see how it compares to the naked eye of a ceramicist. That should be interesting, or not.

A few idle thoughts. The bird whose picture I posted turned out to be a guineaufowl. An alert reader emailed me the correct answer (Thanks Mom). Another reader, incorrectly labeled it as a peahen, hopefully he is not in a position of power anywhere. One was back today and it was hanging out with the rooster and a chicken. As Bill said, “It looks like Wild Kingdom out there.”

Every morning we stop to pick up items for second breakfast at the local bakery. We usually grab some baked goods, maybe a doughnut, juice, water, and coffee. The best ones are these baked goods that look like they are made from phyllo dough with an almond paste inside. My goal now is to master a recipe for the almond filling, and then make a pecan pie substituting the almond paste.

Finally, the chips today are: Taste of Mediterranean Provence Herbs. First taste was all rosemary, then a little bit of thyme. Then more rosemary, and even more rosemary. Bill said they tasted like a lamp chop. He is probably right. I like them even if the rosemary could be a little less intrusive and let the other herbs have a go. I will say that the Taste of the Mediterranean chips are doing well, even though there is only one more flavor left to try – Classic. I will give these a – *(7). Despite the strong rosemary flavor, but I like rosemary, so… Anyway, we finished our day by stopping by the grocery store on the way back to the hotel. We plan to go out for pizza tonite.


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