Tuesday was a pretty good day at the apotheke. We stopped by the bakery on our way in and they had some new doughnuts, including small versions. I grabbed a small vanilla frosted with a boston cream filling, and a plain small vanilla frosting – just so I could compare the taste.

We continued to work on refining our work on EF1 that we started last year. The best moment was when a beetle flew into the apotheke and divebombed us. If you know Bill, you know that he is perturbed by flying insects and I had to get the beetle out of the apotheke. Fortunately it crashed on the shelf near me and was stunned long enough for me to pick it up and let it go outside. The weird thing was how noisy it was all day. There was a rooster who kept crowing every 10 minutes or so, clucking chickens, a barking dog, some guy who kept playing his car radio really loudly, and then a strange animal sound I couldn’t identify. It sounded like a squeaky door. We never saw what it was.

Today when we got to the apotheke (and yes we stopped at the bakery first), we were greeted by two birds who were making the squeaky door noise. They ran off into the bushes before I could take a picture of them. So, when Bill wasn’t looking, I spent some time googling birds of Cyprus to see if I could identify them, but no luck. I finally was able to sneak a picture of one of them through the window, so if you know what it is let me know. Anyway, we made more progress on refining our ceramic identifications for EF1 and are going to start putting it into an article.


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