Welcome to the Apotheke

So today is the first real work day at the apotheke (storehouse). As we were getting our stuff ready to go, Bill was obsessing over whether he would be warm enough in the apotheke. He ended up wearing long pants, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Seems strange that the guy from North Dakota is cold in 70 degree weather. Meanwhile, I am wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. We stopped at the bakery, but they did not have a lot of baked goods since it is Monday, and worst of all no doughnuts! This would make Erin Averett happy since I only recently learned that she is a doughnut hater.

When we got to the apotheke we spent some time cleaning up, mainly dusting things off so that we had a clean work space. Bill spent a lot of time remarking on how stuffy it was inside the apotheke – about every 5 minutes or so. We got off to a slow start, but that is typical since it takes a while to get back into the swing of things. If you have ever read any of my posts about reading pottery, you might remember that (for me) it is important to have music to listen to as I look at the pottery. This year I let my Spotify account pick my opening songs for me by shuffling. And it was a double shot of Asia to start the season – “Heat of the Moment” and “Only Time Will Tell.” This was followed by “Ashes” from Deadpool 2 and then some Journey.

The rest of the day flew by, except for lunch. We are pretty excited that the restaurant above the apotheke has reopened under new management, so we can now just hop upstairs for lunch. The food was fine, but for some reason Bill wanted to talk about his new apotheke pants and how stretchy they were. I received a lengthy soliloquy about stretchy pants over lunch – not sure what I did to deserve that – I am holding Susie responsible for this.


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