Sunday – Lazy and Productive

Yesterday Brandon came by to pick up some items we stored at the Polis apotheke that he needs to start excavating at Vigla. It gave us a chance to visit the apotheke, and see how much cleaning we will need to do on Monday. It was a nice relaxing day, which was good because my jet lag is always worse a couple of days after my flight east. After Brandon headed back to Larnaka, Bill and I went out to eat at the Irish Pub we like to eat at because they have pretty good pizza. The view is also ok (see picture below).

So we spent today getting things ready for starting work at the apotheke tomorrow. So this was a lot of computer work and looking for files, etc. It was too bad, because it is a really nice day out there today with a lot of sunshine and a little breeze that kept it from being too hot. I did have the chance to try out a bag of potato chips. For the first bag of the season, I chose Lay’s Taste of Mediterranean 3 Peppers. The bag shows potato chips that appear to be flavored with three different peppercorns (black, red, and white), next to a small jar of olive oil. The bag mentions the chips are flavored by 100% olive oil. The taste was interesting. It was a layered taste with the black peppercorns hitting with a strong sharp taste as soon as you bit into the chip. This was then followed up by the sweeter taste of the green and white peppercorns. Not bad at all. I found them to be a nice change of pace from traditional peppered chips. I give them a – *******(7).

We went back to Yialos for dinner and I had a pretty good meal of sheftalia, salad, olives, and fries. Now the remaining question is whether I am going to get up early to watch the Games of Thrones series finale.


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