Back in Cyprus

flowersSo, another field season has arrived. Bill and I arrived in Cyprus yesterday afternoon. It was an interesting trip over. I upgraded my ticket to include priority boarding since I always seem to be in the last group to board. I have to admit that in Pittsburgh I did not feel it was worth it since when they called for priority (group 4) boarding, about 80% of the people got in line. It was a bit better in Philadelphia where fewer people were in the priority boarding group. This was balanced by the elderly Greek couple sitting next to me since it turned out that they could only speak to each other by shouting at each other, or so it felt like while I was trying to sleep.

I was stunned by the difference in the Athens Airport. It had a brand new passport control area and they moved everyone through it very efficiently. I was impressed. When I have time to kill in the Athens Airport I usually go upstairs and sit in the McDonalds and watch the planes come and go. When I headed that way, I was stunned to notice that the McDonalds had become a Burger King. I have to admit that I did not find it as good as the McDonalds.

Anyway, I met up with Bill in Athens. Despite the fact that his plane left New York City an hour after my plane left Philadelphia, he beat me to baggage claim. We arrived in Cyprus about 3:00 PM and picked up my rental car. The woman who always rents me my car (I have been renting from them for 14 years), asked me if this was my first time in Cyprus. It is actually my 22nd field season in Cyprus if my math is right. After a little confusion over finding my car reservation we headed out to Polis. When we arrived at our hotel, we had a little more confusion over finding our reservation. While we were waiting for it to be sorted out, the gentleman checking us in asked if this was out first trip to Cyprus. This is our 10th year of staying in the same hotel and the guy checking us in has talked to us during our last two seasons. Weird. Anyway, we checked in, went to the grocery store, and then went out to dinner at Yiolos’ which has a nice view of the sunset.



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