Now in Larnaka

So, it has been a few days since my last post. I finished up my work in Polis and have now moved over to Larnaka, where I will be until the 9th. Brandon and Tom L. are excavating a small sounding up on Vigla and I am helping out as needed. I will be making another trip to Polis early next week followed by another trip to Kourion, so my time looks to be pretty busy.



Larnaka looks pretty much the same, Kataklysmos is winding down, but there are still lots of people walking around and I expect this weekend to be pretty busy. The hotel we stay at in Larnaka is undergoing a substantial remodel (both inside and outside), and I expect that when we show up next year the cost of staying here will be much higher. If it goes up too much, we will need to find another place to stay.

Since it is National Doughnut Day, I started my day out with a vanilla glazed doughnut,IMG_2616 and that was a great choice since the doughnut was still warm and fresh. We weren’t able to go out to the site today because of activities occurring on the base, so I stayed at the hotel and did some writing. For lunch, Brandon and I went to my favorite souvlaki stand on the island and had a great pork souvlaki sandwich. Looks pretty cloudy outside, but I doubt it will rain. Not much else to say, it has been a quiet day.

img_2583-e1527777185335.jpgFinally, another potato chip review. Today I tried Lay’s Pesto and Mozzarella with Cool Effect. I have tried other chips that were pesto flavored before, but these are supposed to have a COOL effect. I have no idea what that means and was excited to try these out. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I did not notice the cool effect, nor could I taste the mozzarella flavor. The only thing I could taste was the pesto, which was pretty good, but then again I like pesto. The chips had a nice crunch, and there was no strange aftertaste, so as pesto chips they are good. As mozzarella and pesto, not so much. And where was the COOL effect?  Since I am reviewing the chips based on how much I like the taste, not how accurate the name is, I am giving these chips a – ******(6).


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