Catching Up

The last few days have been fairly busy and so I haven’t had a chance to post. On Friday, I went back to Kourion and looked at some more pottery there. It didn’t go as well as planned. I had some trouble locating what I needed to be looking at, and after a few phone calls to people in other countries, I gave up for the day. Since Bill had come with me to help, and I felt bad for wasting his time in a way, he suggested we stop at Agios Georgios and have lunch at this nice seafood restaurant overlooking Coral Bay – a relaxing view, and great grilled octopus. The problem with the suggestion is that for some reason I have the hardest time driving through Polis from Lemesos and heading to Pegeia where the restaurant is located – I can get there with no problem starting from Polis, and I can get there if I start at the mosaics in Paphos. So, as you can expect, I got lost in Paphos. We saw one sign for Pegeia which we followed, and then no further directions. I wound up going down to the water, and then managed to work my way back to basically where we had started. Then Bill suggested we follow the white car in front of us when they turned to the left, which is the general direction we needed to head. After 10 minutes of driving, I noticed that had we wound up right where we had started, we had driven in a complete circle. After a good half hour of driving through various neighborhoods, we actually found the correct road and were soon at Agios Georgios – and the view and meal was worth it.


We took the back route from Pegeia to Polis and spent the afternoon taking care of odds and ends. For dinner we went to Fly Again, an Irish pub and grill located one village over in Argaka– a place we go to get pizza and watch the sunset. It was pretty crowded, but it was Friday night. The pizza was good and the sunset was very picturesque.


img_2570-e1526796188871.jpgOn Saturday we went back to the apotheke in Polis and I worked on cataloging and illustrating a collection of artifacts for our work on EF1 – a small site that has turned out to be pretty interesting to analyze. For dinner, we went to what is my favorite restaurant on the island – The Old Time Restaurant. We always mean to get a reservation, but then forget and when we show up and they ask us if we have a reservation and we have to say no, I fell bad. I always feelimg_2572.jpg like they are disappointed in us for not securing a reservation. Even though the restaurant was packed, they were able to work us in after about a twenty minute wait. I was able to convince Bill to order the Old Town Gourmet Meze – which came with dips, bread, salad, halloumi with fig sauce, duck spring rolls, partridge ravioli, crispy potatoes, lamb, and duck. Everyone of the dishes was done just right – it was fabulous. A very good meal to end the day on…even though I stopped for ice cream on the way back to the hotel.



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