Quiet Sunday

It has been a quiet Sunday in Polis since we cannot visit the apotheke. Basically some reading, some research, a little email, some sleeping, and a little Formula One watching. So, a few odds and ends. First, congrats to Cyprus and Eleni Foureira for finishing second in Eurovision last night with Fuego.

IMG_2536Second, a potato chip review – the first of the season. Today’s chip is Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce chips. I was expecting them to taste the same as barbeque flavored Pringles, but not quite. The BBQ flavor was very strong and much sweeter than other barbeque flavored chips on the island. While I am a big barbeque fan, I thought the sweetness distracted from the flavor, or perhaps overwhelmed it is a better way to describe my thoughts. The chips had a nice crunch and weren’t bad – I would give them a – ******(6).

Finally, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!


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