First Day at the Apotheke in Polis

So today was our first real day back at work in the apotheke. We first went by the grocery to buy some snacks so we would not have to stop working for lunch. After we picked up the keys and unlocked the place, we spent some time opening up windows to air out the place, and doing a little cleaning. Saw lots of  spiders and walked into a fair number of spider webs. Did not see any rats, but there was one curious mouse who kept wandering out into the opening, at least until a cat walked by.


Soon it was time for the first box of pottery of the season. For my music, which is critical to proper pottery reading, I started the season off with Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas since I have become hooked on Supernatural, and then followed it up with Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard. I chose this because I saw a new video the band posted for the song with all of the lyrics. Despite the fact that the song is well-known for people not knowing the correct lyrics, I always felt I had most of them correct – after watching this video, I learned that I was incorrect and was singing some wildly inaccurate lyrics.

We were not reading any new pottery today, we were going back and reexamining some areas in EF1 to see if we could refine any of my earlier readings. I always hate doing this because I feel like I have to defend the accuracy of my earlier work. Bill doesn’t help matters because he says things like, “Well, in that pass you CLAIMED that there was….” Anyway, I felt like we accomplished a fair bit today and made some good progress. For those that know Bill, you know that he likes to use the same jokes over and over and over again. If I had bet on it, I would have though the first recycled joke would have been his Franco Harris Matrix joke, but it actually was a variation on his how do you date a church joke re-purposed as how do you date Cypriot Red Slip. This was followed by a Rashard Mending hole joke. So, everything is the same in Polis, even the jokes.


Finally, I have received some questions on my potato chip research which has been going on for a few years. Richard has questioned whether I can find any new flavors to test and suggested branching out into other snack food groups. I am a bit of a purist on the subject and will be sticking to potato chips, and in fact found five new flavors at the store. Before reviewing them, I thought it was important to recap the 46 varieties I have sampled so far. They are summarized below.

The Potato Chips of Cyprus: An Exhaustive Study:

  • Argentinean Steak — ***** (5)
  • Baked Lays with Mediterranean Herbs — *****(5)
  • Barbecue — ******** (8)
  • Brazilian Mango and Chile — **** (4)
  • Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Vinegar — ******* (7)
  • Cheese and Onion — *** (3)
  • English Cheese on Toast — ***** (6)
  •  Frit Ravich Onduladas Jamon Chips (Ham Flavoured) – ** (2)
  • Frit Ravich Mediterraneo Chips – **(2)
  • Goldies Bacon Extreme. Bacon – *(1)
  • Goldies Extreme – *****(5)
  • Greek Salsa — **** (4)
  • Handy Snacks Cyprus Potato Chips Vinegar and Oregano – *** (3)
  • Lay’s Baked Barbecue potato chips – ***** (5)
  • Lay’s Cream Cheese and Bacon – ******(6)
  • Lays Greek Salad Flavor – ****(4)
  • Lay’s Heinz Ketchup flavored – **(2)
  • Lay’s Scoops Chili Flavoured – ***(3)
  • Lays Cider Vinegar – **** (4)
  • Lays Lasagna Flavored chips – ****** (6)
  • Lays Maxx Deep Ridged Chicken Wing Flavour – ** (2)
  • Lays Maxx Deep Ridged Salt & Vinegar Flavour chips – ******* (7)
  • Lays Mozzarella and Pesto flavored — ******** (8)
  • Lays Mushrooms in Cream – ***(3)
  • Lays Sensations – Japanese Teriyaki – *****(5)
  • Lays Smokey Bacon – ****(4)
  • Lays Sour Cream and Black Pepper – ****(4)
  • Mama’s sundried tomato and basil chips -***(3)
  • Mediterranean Herb — ****** (6)
  • Mexican Peppers and Cream — ******** (8)
  • Oregano — ******** (8)
  • Oven Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Thyme — **** (4)
  • Prawn Cocktail — ********** (10)
  • Quavers with Cheese — ******* (7)
  • Salt and Vinegar — ******* (7)
  • Thai Sweet Chile — ** (2)
  • Tsakiris Bacon and Cheese Flavoured Chips – * (1)
  • Tsakiris Chips with Florina Peppers Flavor – ** (2)
  • Tsakiris Chips with Graviera Cheese Flavour – ******* (7)
  • Tsakiris Chips with Ketchup and Mustard – ** (2)
  • Tsakiris Chips with Mytilene Sea Salt Flavour – ******* (7)
  • Tsakiris Chips with Oregano – ****** (6)
  • Tsakiris Chips with Vinegar Flavour – ****** (6)
  • Tsakiris Chips with Santorini Tomato Flavor – ******** (8)
  • Tsakiris Chips Sweet Barbeque – **** (4).
  • Tzatziki — * (1)


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