And Quiet Falls Over the PKAP Landscape

Larnaka KataToday was the last day in Cyprus for almost everyone working on PKAP. I took Bill to the airport at 8, while David and his students put up the last crates of artifacts. Bill is off to Greece to work on WARP (Try not to break him Dimitri, he is getting old). Then I went and picked up some scanning I had done of the artifact illustrations for this year. David and I then went out for a quick lunch and I helped him take his students to the airport so they can go to Greece for several days before heading back to Pennsylvania. Once they left, I started packing, charging my electronics, downloading books for my Kindle, and movies/shows for my iPad. I even did a little cleaning up of the room. Once I finished all of this, I realized that I only had 12 hours before my 3:40 AM flight early Friday morning. Things really slowed up at that point. Eventually, it was dinner time so I do what I always do when I am the last one to leave the island – I go and have dinner at one of the American restaurants on the waterfront – McDonalds, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, or Burger King. [Don’t judge me]. I took my Kindle and was able to sit outside and watch people walking around the waterfront enjoying Kataklysmos and even listened to Bon Jovi on the restaurant’s speakers. Now I am back in the room recharging my devices and killing time until I give up and leave for the airport way too soon. And so ends season 19 in Cyprus for me.


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