The End for PKAP?

pana viglaToday was the last real work day for me on Cyprus for the summer. Bill and I spent the morning in the museum, illustrating artifacts, trying to reconcile any issues, and preparing artifacts (stone tools, sculpture, etc.) for other specialists to analyze later this Bill cleaningyear. It was not as hectic as in past years where our last days involved frantic work that saw us trying desperately to finish everything up and running out of time. This year we seemed to be operating on schedule so to speak. It is a little strange though, because this is the end of the project Рand this is a topic we talked about a bit this summer. Even though we probably will be back in Larnaca next summer, it will only be to finish up any odds and ends that emerge as we complete the manuscript for PKAP II. In essence, PKAP is now over after 14 seasons of survey, excavation, and cratesstudy. It is very strange to think about that Рfor me, it is a project I started trying to organize the summer before I was hired at IUP, so it has been an important part of my academic life. On the other hand, there are a number of other projects on Cyprus that I am involved with so it is not like I am leaving the island behind. Still, strange to think about. The work this morning was a little humorous. A large number of technicians/workmen were at the museum this morning and they periodically moved near us and carried on a fairly loud conversation that made it hard for me and Bill to carry on a conversation. Then, a large bee flew into the room and if you know Bill, you know that this involved an immediate freakout and a lot of yelling at the bee.

barbecueAs for potato chips, my goal was to make it to 50 this year, but it looks like that is not going to happen. Today’s chip, Tsakiris Chips Sweet Barbeque is #46. I am obviously a barbeque flavor fan, so this sounded like a great chip to try. It was…unusual. The barbeque flavor was good but faint. There was some other flavor though. I think it was a smoke flavor, and I noticed on the ingredient list it included smoke flavoring. I did not really like it, it left a strange aftertaste – and Bill agreed with me. So, I give it a – **** (4).


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