Larnaca Update

museum rainSo, it has been a few hectic days in Larnaca. We have been working at the Museum’s off-site storage facility trying to finish things up for PKAP II. Tuesday was another rainy day, it stormed for a while. There was a bit of thunder and when the rain started, it was raining so heavily on the metal roof that it was hard to hear a person talk. We continued to focus mainly on the Roman and LAte Roman catalogue for the volume and this means IMG_0131checking catalogue entries, correcting any mistakes, and then illustrating any interesting ones. This was a little frustrating, particularly when I found a mistake that was my fault, Bill seemed to enjoy that a bit too much. Today was much better weather wise, it was sunny a little cool, but enjoyable. Dave’s students came to the museum for the first time and we did several short talks for them (basic intro, databases, XRF, and ceramics) – they seemed to go well. After we closed up work at the museum, we took the students out to visit Koutsopetria and Vigla and show IMG_0132them around the site. It did look like they really enjoyed the visit and were surprised at how many artifacts are laying on the surface. We also took time to drive them through Pyla to see the medieval tower and visit Pyla Tomb. All in all, it was an enjoyable time. Tonite we took Sarah, the IUP Anthropology graduate student doing our XRF research out for dinner since she is leaving tomorrow morning to fly back to the United States. Tomorrow I am only doing a half day since I am flying to Athens to partiicpate in a ceramics workshop that is focused on Cypriot Ceramics – it should be enjoyable.



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