Last Work Day in Polis

polis leaveToday was our last work day at the apotheke in Polis – and it was windy and rainy for most of the day. Tomorrow we are heading back to Larnaca so we can work on PKAP material. As is our fashion, our last day of work always tends to be a bit frantic as we realize that we have a bit more to do than we expected. We were able to get all the sherds catalogued and drawn that we needed to, but we were running late and this meant that reshelving trays and shreds, cleaning up, and packing up was a bit stressful. We finished with ten minutes to share. The only drawback to the day was Bill insisting that we film a youtube video of us using the XRF like Raylon Givens in Justified – using a quick draw to shoot a sherd and identify it. Since I share the use of the XRF with the Anthropology Department, I figured that if they saw me playing with an expensive piece of their equipment they might not find it as amusing as Bill would. When it came time to leave the apotheke , we discovered that we had left a window open in our car and the passenger seat was soaked.scoops

Today’s chip is Lay’s Scoops Chili flavoured. They taste a bit like puffed corn, and are very light – and yet are still sort of stale. They did taste like chili, but only very faintly – there really wasn’t much taste to them period. So….I give them a ***(3). Fortunately, Bill has Pringles Paprika Flavoured available and I ate those – they, along with Prawn Cocktail are my two favorite chips on Cyprus.


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