Friday at Polis

billapothekeWe are in Polis only for a short time this season. In fact, we will be leaving Sunday to head to Larnaca, so that we can do a short study season working on PKAP material for volume 2. Today was like yesterday in that when we woke up it was raining and overcast. We went to the apotheke and continued our artifact work from yesterday. Bill and I worked on locating, cataloguing, and drawing a selection of sherds that can be used in a variety of publications we have underway – it will still need some more work next season. Sarah, an IUP graduate student in xrfAnthropology, continued to work with the portable XRF to collect data from a wide range of the CRS forms we have at Polis. While we got quite a bit done, we are still pressed for time since tomorrow is the last day we can work at the apotheke and the hours it is available to us is shortened since it is Saturday. We should be able to finish what we have prioritized for this season, but will require a very focused day

chicken wingAnyway, on to the chip of the day. Today’s chip is Lays Maxx Deep Ridged Chicken Wing Flavour, which sounded like a cool chip to try. In actuality, not so much. I like chicken wings, and these actually tasted like chicken wings (not surprising since one of the ingredients listed was actually barbecue chicken wings flavour), but after the initial thought of “Wow these taste like chicken wings” that taste disappeared and left a not pleasant aftertaste. I would have to give them an A for creativity, but a ** (2) for taste. Tonite we are heading out to our favorite pizza place (an Irish pub called Fly Again in Argaka) with the hopes of catching a picturesque sunset. I include below a previous photo taken there to give you an idea of the sunset.

fly away


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