Settling In

rainy dayWe began work at the apotheke yesterday. It went as it usually does, a little chaotic. Some of it involves arranging things that have been in storage and plugging in things. We also set up the portable XRF station and checked to see if it worked correctly and had not been knocked out of whack by the trip – like my rolling duffle which had a wheel almost torn off. It was a pretty good start to the work at Polis. I also gave a short ceramics talk to Amy’s students – which is always fun to to do. It involves ramble on and pass around different sherds as a show and tell. For dinner we went out to one of the two places (Yiolos) that have great views of the sunset, but it was really cloudy last night and not spectacular at all. When I woke up this morning, it was raining – during my first fifteen summers on Cyprus it rained on me twice – neither for longer than five minutes and now it has rained on me three of the last four years. On the bright side, the weather is expected to be cooler over the next few days with temperatures in the low to mid 70s with rain every day.


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