Wrapping up 2016 Cyprus Season

So, today is my last day in Cyprus. It has been a busy week in Larnaka. We spent some time looking for artifacts to catalogue and trying to sort out some minor issues. This took a lot more time than we expected. I do feel good about what we accomplished, we were even able to spend some time in the evenings visiting Kourion and Athienou to look at their pottery. Brandon and Dave left early Friday morning, so I made my fifth airport trip – the only one left is my trip to the airport early tomorrow morning.

IMG_0529Since today is my last day on the island, it is usually what Bill refers to as “Frantic Scott looking for souvenirs” Day. That changed this year though. I decided to pass on getting souveniers, my kids are teenagers and probably already have everything available for them anyway. To recap my day, I got up and packed, and was done by 8:00 AM – leaving a lot of time in the day. I went out for a walk and spent some time reflecting on the fact that I haven’t been able to to have many desserts on the island, but then realized that wasn’t exactly the case since I was eating a vanilla frosted doughnut while thinking that. Since I wasn’t running from store to store looking for gifts, I had time to look around. I saw a Cake o’clock store (cool name) and a Dopecutz Barbershop.









I also noticed a cool tree with orange blossoms (photo on right) that I wish I could have in my yard back in Pennsylvania. I usually spend the first month back in the US telling my family I wish I could have a jacaranda tree (photo on the left), and they in turn point out to me that they can’t grow in PA.  I assume it is the same with this one. I will spend the afternoon charging my electronics, and downloading books and movies for the flights home tomorrow. Oh, and dinner.


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