Settled in Larnaka

IMG_0520So, Sunday we got up, packed up the car, and headed over to Larnaka. Along the way, we took a break and stopped for lunch at one of our favorite spots, Zygi. As I have mentioned many times before, this is a picturesque spot with a number of very good fish restaurants. The food (octopus, calamari, mussels, fries, etc.) was delicious as usual. After lunch, we headed on to Larnaka where we had a bit of a setback. Our reservation at our usual hotel had been screwed up. I had been Loukoumadesconcerned about this because it had taken several emails to get our reservation to the point that I thought it was ok. I have to admit I got a little steamed because the young man at the desk, after not finding the reservation, asked me several times if I had the correct hotel. When I showed him the email that I had sent to the manager with our dates, he read it and said – but this is for  May 1st – which was the day I had sent the email, not the dates in the email. Eventually, he called the manager and everything was sorted out. They were able to find a room for us, which IMG_0522turned out to be a much nicer room, with a lot more space. while we waited for the room to be ready, we walked down to the boardwalk and were in for another disappointment, there is very little set up for the Kataklsymos yet. The Kataklsymos is not until June 20th, but we were hoping for maybe some bumper cars and loukoumades. No luck. AHHHH! We had to settle for Haagen Dazs, which had seriously upscaled their menu.

27250574642_33522d4d82_bToday (Monday) started off poorly. We went to the museum at Larnaka to look at some artifacts. Unfortunately, some of the items we were looking for (coins and metals) had been sent to Nicosia and weren’t available for us to look at. I found about half of the pottery I was looking for, the rest I couldn’t find. The museum staff was nice and helpful, as they have always been, but it was very hot in Larnaka – or at least it felt that way after being in Polis, it turned out to be only 86. For lunch we stopped at the Doctor of Hunger sandwich shop – excellent – I had a special sandwich with a fried egg. We then went out and looked at our site (Vigla and Koutsopetria) and they haven’t been disturbed since our last visit, so that was good. And then at the bakery, I found two bags of chips I had to try and both will be reviewed today – a first! Two reviews in one day!

IMG_0524First, I found Lays Lasagna flavored chips! Wow, words fail me. You know what, they actually taste like lasagna! The third ingredient on the package was lasagna with bolognese sauce flavor. So, I am going to give them a – ****** (6). In another first, I mean what a day, I have two guest taste testers – Brandon Olson and Dave Masten. There picture is below, Brandon is the one who looks unhappy in the photo. Anyway, back to the test – Brandon gave it a ******** (8) and Dave gave it a – ******* (7).  Brandon went so far as to say that if he was rating it based on how much it tasted like lasagna, he would have given it a 10.


IMG_0523Second chip to test, Lays Mozzarella and Pesto flavored chips. Hmmm, not exactly tasty. And that is an understatement. I gave it a – * (1). Really, not very good, in my humble opinion. It did taste like pesto, but with an unusual flavor. I also couldn’t taste the mozzarella, but maybe that is because the pesto was so strong. Brandon gave it a – (0). I wouldn’t have accepted that as a legitimate rating, but he actually spit it out rather than eat it. Dave gave it – ******** (8). Update, Dave liked the Mozzarella and Pesto chips so much, he is finishing off the bag and basically freaking me and Brandon out.



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