Last Friday in Polis

IMG_0503Things are winding down in Polis for 2016 for me – we leave Sunday for a week of work at PKAP in Larnaka. I finished looking at pottery yesterday, both pieces in the museum and what we had stored at the apotheke. I spent some time today tidying up my work area, which is something I always need to do since I am not by nature a tidy person. This involved making sure that all the trays of pottery I had pulled to look at were put back….and in the right space. I always find trays I pulled so that I could look at the tray behind them sort of scattered around the apotheke. So, there were more trays than I expected that needed to be put back, and the trays that had been put up earlier were sort of out of order and needed to be rearranged. And most of these trays had to be put back on the top racks, which meant using the ladder. Then I gathered up all the pottery I pulled for drawing and illustrating next year and collected them into two trays which I labeled and stored near my work area. Finally, I created a box of materials to be stored here until next year. This is not much stuff (extra graph paper, power cord, extra calipers), but I wish it could be – then I could carry less stuff around with me. Not much else to report other than it looked like rain for a while with really dark clouds passing over. Since I wanted to include a second picture in the post, this is the restaurant we ate at last night – the Polis Herb Garden Restaurant. It has a nice area filled with herbs that they light up at night with a fountain and a stream that has lights floating in it – very picturesque.



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