10 Days to Go

Time is flying by, I only have til Sunday in Polis and then we head to Larnaka to do some PKAP work next week, mainly cataloguing and illustrating artifacts. Today I drove Bill and David to the airport, they are headed to Greece. The ride isn’t bad, just long – 2 hours each way.When I got back to Polis it was about midday, so I went to the museum to look at some of the registered artifacts from the areas that Bill and I have been focusing on this summer. It turned out to be not very helpful, the pieces did not add to our knowledge about the area. It happens that way sometimes.

IMG_0487[1]Since I mentioned them earlier, I thought I would try the ketchup and mustard chips by Tsakiris. It turns out that some of them are ketchup flavored and ridged, while others are mustard flavored and not ridged. Since I had not looked at the bag closely, I was expecting a mix of ketchup and mustard on each chip. The chips were crunchy as usual, but I have to admit to not liking either type of flavored chip, the taste was …… just strange in my opinion. And I did try them separately and together, for the sake of science. So, I give them – ** (2).


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