Starting to Feel the Pressure

I am always amazed at how each season in Cyprus goes the same way. When I first get to the island, everything is nice and relaxed and I look forward to how much work I will be able to accomplish. Then, when there is less than two weeks left, a bit of anxiety sets in and I realize that my list of goals is not going to be completely checked off, that there is simply not enough time between now and when I leave the island to finish everything. That feeling hit me yesterday. I also realize that this feeling is only going to get worse over the next few days. I have 11 days before I leave the island, and only 9 of them are days I can do work. I enjoy working on Cyprus, but the limitation to my research is that the actual hands-on work with my material is limited to the one month I can spend in Cyprus each year. Anything I forget to collect (weight, color, number, a particular level and pass, etc.) will have to wait until next year for me to collect.
IMG_0484[1]One plus this season was listening to some interesting arguments between colleagues about the process of archaeology – more on that later. Today’s chip review – Tsakiris Oregano Chips. As with all Tsakiris potato chips, they were crisp and crunchy. The oregano flavor was subdued and could have been stronger –  ******(6). Tsakaris chips have been a pleasant surprise this summer, maybe I will try their ketchup and mustard flavor tomorrow.


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