IMG_0471Not much new has happened. A normal day at the apotheke yesterday working on refining some of my initial pottery reading. I also started illustrating some of the pieces we pulled for inventorying. I am still sort of slow at this, so I did not get a lot of them done. Amy brought her students out to the apotheke so I did a short talk on ceramics and how we process our ceramics at Polis. To finish the day, since the weather was nice we went to Fly Again and had pizza while we watched the sunset (see image below). Today (Saturday) was a short day since the museum is open for a shorter time on Saturday. We also left a little early so I could gas up the car since I will be driving to Larnaca to pick up Dave this evening. As for potato chips, yesterday I tried the Tsakiris Bacon and Cheese Flavoured Chips. I thought this would be a slam dunk, I like Bacon and I like Cheese, so why not the two together? I have also been putting a slice of cheese on my BLT sandwiches lately. As you can expect from this buildup, I did not like these chips at all. I am not sure what the flavour tasted like, but it was not what I expected. It did not taste like cheese or bacon, just strange….and not good. So, this will be my first very low rating for this brand – * (1).



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