P1040087Not a lot to report today. We are into our standard routine, get up, go to the apotheke, look at pottery, eat lunch, look at more pottery, dinner. We looked at a few more units from EF1, but have really finished the initial analysis of the material. We did run across this piece today, which is clearly some type of funnel, but I have never seen one like it before. I like finding unusual pieces, but it is also a problem. Even though the piece of pottery is unusual, since I am a ceramicist, everyone expects me to know what it is – and when I say, I have no idea, the looks on people’s faces are like (at least in my view or maybe just in my mind) – “Aren’t you supposed to know?” Anway, if you know what type of funnel this is, please let me know without letting anybody at Polis know you told me. Oh, and it is not a medieval sugar funnel.


P1040091Today’s chip – Tsakiris Chips with vinegar flavour. I am used to salt and vingear, but not just vinegar. As with all Tsakiris chips – nice packaging, great crunch. I like vinegar, and so was expecting a bit stronger vinegar flavor from these chips. They were very mild, with a hint of vinegar. I liked them, but would like a bit more flavor to them. So – ****** (6). So far the Tsakiris chips have been doing well, and I have found 5 more flavors to test, including a ketchup and mustard flavor. And if you need something to listen to, Bill and Richard have posted their Season Finale of Caraheard Season 2.


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