Midweek at Polis

IMG_0465Today has been an interesting day. It has been a pretty day, lots of sunshine and a nice breeze keeping the temperature down. At the apotheke, it was a little unusual this morning. On one hand, we got through the last of the pottery we needed to analyze. We will probably look at a little more over the next few days, but the bulk of the pottery from EF1 is done. On the other hand, it was a little chaotic at some points during the morning. Bill said he didn’t sleep well last night, so he bought an energy drink (Hell) to have as a mid-morning snack, second breakfast, etc. He chose the red grape flavor. He cracked it open about 10:00, and man it smelled strong, sort of scary. I have to admit to never having drunk an energy drink, and after smelling that one, I doubt I ever will – even one that gives you the power of Hell, as its advertising claims. Anyway, no immediate reaction, even though I swear I could see flies catching fire as they passed over the drink, but maybe I am exaggerating. 21 minutes later, it was like a bomb had gone and Bill was wired. This sudden hyperactivity then led to this -Bill and I were working on Roman pottery at one end of the apotheke and Brandon and Dave were working on Hellenistic pottery at the other end. A shouting match ensued where Brandon was repeatedly savaged by cunning and witty insults (if you have been on PKAP you know the type I am referring to), to the point that if it was a boxing match, the referee would have stopped it. It was sad, Brandon was reduced to silence, no mean feat.

IMG_0466And for chips – today I am reviewing Tsakiris Chips with Graviera Cheese Flavour. This is a cheese produced in Greece and Crete – not the swiss cheese Gruyere. As with the other Tsakiris Chips, the chips a nice and crunchy with an attractive packaging. The cheese flavor is rather subdued, though if you drink water with them – that makes the flavor stronger. I liked them, but thought the cheese flavor could be a bit stronger, but then that runs the risk of being too strong. So, I gave them a – *******(7) – another high mark. I still need to test their salt and vinegar chips. Maybe tomorrow.


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