Continuing Along

P1040076Things are starting to move a bit faster here at Polis, and more people are arriving here every day. Last week, it was just Bill and me, by Saturday night, there will be twelve people working on the Polis material, or looking at the site. For our stuff, we have made good progress. We are looking at the material from the excavation site designated EF1 and have gotten through most of it. The material is different from the basilica material we have been working on for the last few years. This seems to be an industrial area, and the ceramics, while still Late Roman, are different. We are now starting the fun part of the analysis, researching some of the ceramic sherds so that we can write them up in more detail. That is actually fun, every sherd is like a mystery that needs to be solved.

On the weather front, the dust and hot wind moved on and yesterday was sunny, clear, and a bit cooler. This meant that we could go to dinner and watch another spectacular sunset as the sun dropped behind the Akhamas mountains.



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