Start of Final Week at Polis

IMG_0050Today begins our final week of ceramic analysis in Polis, since we head to Larnaka on Saturday to work on PKAP material and do a little GPR. The goal for this week’s work is to continue reading the pottery from the area around the basilica (EF2) so that by the time we leave, all the Roman levels for this area have been analyzed and recorded, and that all the Hellenistic levels have been identified for analysis by Brandon next year. I am hoping that we finish this material up soon enough (maybe by Wednesday?) that we can take a little time to look at the ceramics from a another excavated area (EF1), which is a bit of a mystery as to what it was – perhaps a house? or an industrial area?

IMG_0054Today was a bit uneven, particularly this morning when we started. For some reason, both Bill and I were dragging this morning and not moving very fast. It was so bad that he went to the periptero and bought some drinks for us to help us wake up. He drank a Red Bull and I drank a Lipton Iced Tea. While I felt like I was a little more alert, the Red Bull had a more pronounced effect on Bill – even though he was claiming that he was only sipping it to make it last. [And before anyone emails me about this – Dimitri has already pointed out to me that this is a violation of PKAP policy since the official PKAP energy drink is Shark.] He would periodically shout out possible ceramics identifications while I was looking at the pottery. The problem is that his identifications had no relationship to reality, and often were not even real wares – like a hookly hook rim, or a zoot tubler. Needless to say it was an interesting day. It has been a very pleasant two weeks in Cyprus so far, the weather is mild and the flowers are blooming.


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