Sunday – More Computer Work

So today was another day of computer work. I have to admit that I did more non-Polis computer work than notebook transcribing. I did do some, but in short periods. I tended to wander off to CNN and my email. In fact, after I started reading an article about yesterday’s Preakness, I soon found myself watching a YouTube video of Secretariat winning the 1973 Preakness, which led to watching him win the Belmont. It is amazing how easy it is to become distracted – at least it is for me. I also spent some time playing around with Zotero and working on organizing my Pottery reference materials.

salad chipsFor break time, I broke out a new flavor of potato chips – Lays Greek Salad Flavor. I made Bill try one, even though he was reluctant. The taste was different…..I wasn’t sure what I was expecting since we have a Greek salad every night with dinner. The picture on the bag shows tomatoes, lettuce, feta, and dill. They actually tasted (in a weird way) a little like barbecue sauce, which I assume is the tomato powder – which is the third ingredient in the Greek salad flavoring list, behind lactose powder and salt. So, I guess I would give them a ****(4) out of 10.


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