Saturday at Work

P1020016Today was a quiet, but busy Saturday. The morning was spent transcribing field notebooks from past years’ excavations. The goal of the transcribing is to put the notebooks into a form that is more linearly organized, and that is easily searchable. In transcribing the notebook, you also have the opportunity to learn what was done in that trench in a more thorough manner than merely skimming through it. This also comes in handy if you need to create a Harris matrix for the trench. I really do not like doing these, mainly because I type fairly slowly with lots of mistakes – I don’t hunt and peck, but I am no Mavis Beacon. Meanwhile, Bill is pounding away on his keyboard so quickly it sounds like a woodpecker on speed.

After lunch Bill, Tina, and I wandered out to look at the site of EF2 to see if what we have been seeing in the pottery and reading about in the notebooks made sense. It was quite interesting to wander around and try to make sense out of the construction.

P1020018 2


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