Last Day on Cyprus for 2014

P1010435It has been a busy day so far, unfortunately. A rooster woke me up at 4:00 am crowing about every 30 seconds, followed by a catfight, a dogfight, and a truck that was evidently being used to teach someone how to drive a stick shift – unsuccessfully. The rooster was decidedly annoying, so I will have to eat more chicken next summer as payback. Since I couldn’t go back to sleep, after about an hour of just lying there, I went ahead and got up, watched the sun come up, had breakfast, packed, and then left for Larnaka. So by 8:05 am I was in my hotel room in Larnaka with not much to do. So I repacked for the flight tomorrow and then went walking around the city. It is actually a relaxing walk in the morning in Larnaka. It is still cool and only a few tourists are moving around, and this gives you the chance to look at the interesting architecture that makes up Larnaka, and how it differs from street to street, and even house to house.

Looking back on the 3 different archaeological stops I had this summer (Polis, PKAP, and KUSP), I feel good about the summer. I think I accomplished quite a bit at each place – at Polis with Brandon’s help, and on PKAP with David and Brandon’s help. I even learned how to draw ceramic profiles, though I still need to practice a bit more. Anyway, the goals for the rest of the day are: lunch, dinner, fully charge all my devices (laptop, iPad, and Kindle), and download some new books and maybe a movie or two for the flights – Larnaka to Paris, Paris to Detroit, Detroit to Pittsburgh, or 14 hours and 35 minutes of flying time with 5 hours and 6 minutes of layovers for a total trip of 19 hours and 41 minutes. Not the longest trip in the world I know, but still not fun.


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