P1000421Today was the last day for the PKAP 2014 Study Season. It was not even a full day – we were actually done by lunchtime. We finished up the pottery, reorganized the crates, put everything up, and swept out the storerooms. Not much else to say. David, Brandon, and I spent the afternoon making lists of off season work that needs to be done (data entered, chronotypes added to the database, drawings inked in Illustrator, etc.) and dividing the tasks up. We then spent some time talking about next season and plans for the future. Then we went back to the room and swapped the data around so that everyone has a copy of everything. All in all, I would have to say a very productive PKAP season.


Tonite we are going out for one last, nice meal – a luxurious meze. Maybe some loukoumades, and maybe some bumper car action. But it needs to be an early night since I have to pack up and I haven’t started yet. Tomorrow I will take Brandon to the airport (6:30 am) and then drive on to Kourion where I will be meeting up with Tom Davis who is the director for the Kourion Urban Space Project (KUSP) and taking a look at their Roman and Late Roman pottery to see how it compares to the ceramics at Polis or PKAP. I will be there for four days – until Wednesday. David and two of his students will be heading to Greece mid-morning tomorrow for some time in the Corinthia, about a week.


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