T Minus 3

IMG_0890At the end of the day today, we have 3 work days left in the PKAP study season. Everybody but me leaves Saturday morning – I leave next Wednesday after getting a chance to spend some time at Kourion. With only six people on the project and with it being a study season, it has been a much more relaxing season than when we have had 30+ people participating in a field season. (For some of the trials and tribulations of a large field project see Bill Caraher’s recent blog on his work in Greece). Since we have a limited amount of time left, and more work than can be done in that time period, David, Brandon, and I sat down today for a chatty-chat about winding down the season. We decided to take a different approach than our usual. We almost always work frantically up to the last minute and never allow enough time for breakdown and storage. This almost always leads to issues at the beginning of the following season as we look for materials, inventory, etc., and this in turn leads to lost time. Since there is always more pottery to be read (and labeled, and catalogued, and drawn), we have allocated a day and a half for wrap-up, from Thursday mid-morning to Friday afternoon.  This means that we have only one more full day to continue working, and I am fine with that – if it means that next summer we can hit the ground running. Since we still have one more day of drawing, I had to run to the stationary store this evening to get more graph paper. While I was there, I thought about getting my daughter a Cats of Cyprus calendar which used to be an easy souvenir to find. Despite the cat sleeping next to the register on a pile of books, there was nary a cat calendar to be found, except for a 2013 one that I am sure I could have bought at a reduced rate.


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