Loukoumade Success

IMG_0886So, after Saturday night’s loukoumade fiasco, we went back to the same loukoumade stand last night, and this time we were successful! Yes! When we arrived there were plenty of loukoumades for everyone. Jimmie, Kaylee, and Tim bought an order of loukoumades and started eating them right in front of me, which was ok because Brandon was in line to buy an order for me and him to split. When he placed his order though, he asked for a portion – and this man standing next to us immediately started talking to him about his use of the word – “portion.” Evidently he thought Brandon was British because of his use of the word, and he kept talking to Brandon even after Brandon paid for and received the loukoumades. So, on hand there was Kaylee, Tim, and Jimmie eating loukoumades and talking about how fantastic they were, and on the other hand, there was Brandon standing there with my loukoumades getting cold – and cold loukoumades are not only not good, they become a rock-like consistency and are dangerous to eat. This was rapidly turning into a nightmare. I was contemplating whether to snatch the box out of Brandon’s hand or not, when finally the other man walked away and I could enjoy the loukoumades, which were very good. They were so good that we celebrated our success in getting loukoumades last night by going out for Haagen Dazs ice cream tonite.

Today we worked only a half day in the museum because I needed to go to Nicosia to attend the annual spring meeting of the CAARI (Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute) Board of Trustees. CAARI promotes the study of Cypriot archaeology and related disciplines and is an important center for the scholarly study of archaeology, history and culture in the Eastern Mediterranean. I know that CAARI has been an important element in PKAP’s success, particularly when we first started out – and I am sure other archaeologists on Cyprus would agree that CAARI is an important institution that should be supported.


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