Oh, the Humanity!

LoukoumadesNo, this post is not about the PKAP Airship 1 and the slight mishap we had a few years ago with it (to catch up on that read this first and then this one). Last night, we went out and had a nice meal at a little taverna tucked away in an alley near the waterfront. After a calm and relaxing meal, Brandon suggested loukoumades (deep fried dough soaked in honey, picture courtesy of wikipedia) – a personal favorite of mine. The Kataklysmos festival,  which is a huge celebration in Larnaka that lasts for about two weeks, won’t occur until June 9th (after everyone leaves), so it has been a bit disappointing knowing that we would be missing out on bumper cars, free music and shows, a wide assortment of souvenirs, huge crowds, rigged carnival games,IMG_0883 fireworks, and booths selling loukoumades by the millions, or so it seems. Anyway, despite the fact that Kataklysmos is still a few weeks off, they have already set up the booths where the vendors will set up shop, and so we walked down to see if any enterprising soul had set up a loukoumades stand to cater to the Saturday night crowd. As we walked down the waterfront, we saw people roasting corn, selling popcorn and cotton candy, but not loukoumades. Then, when we were about ready to give up, it was like a spotlight shone down on a booth illuminating the sign that said “Probably the best loukoumades on the island!” Yes, victory was ours – we had found the stand, and Brandon was even buying. Win, win! What a great moment. We immediately jumped in line behind two ladies, and then the proprietor looked up as he handed the ladies their order and said “Sorry boys, all gone. No more.”

All I could think of was the line from A Christmas Story, right before the Bumpus’ dogs steal the turkey – “Sometimes, at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at its zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us.”

What is the lesson to be learned from this? I assume that it is that we should have eaten the loukoumades first, then dinner. Tonight, we will implement that painfully learned lesson.


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