Roundtrip to Polis

IMG_0882So, since the Larnaka Museum is closed on Saturdays, Brandon and I decided to do something different, and so we drove to Polis to look at some artifacts in the Polis Museum – about 2 to 2.5 hours away. There was hardly any traffic, and so we made excellent time. We first dropped off David’s three students at Paphos so they could do some sightseeing there (House of Dionysus, Paul’s Pillar, and Tombs of the Kings). Then, since we were on the southwestern side of Polis, we decided to follow the signs to Polis and go towards Peyia and then towards Polis – thinking this would be shorter than backtracking the way we came in. That turned out to be a mistaken assumption on our part. It took forever, mainly because of the traffic on the road. Once we got to Peyia and headed north, we took a road we had not taken before and it was a little strange. At one point, we were 24 kilometers from Polis, and then a kilometer later we were 26 kilometers away. That also happened when were 19 kilometers away and then a kilometer later 21 kilometers from Polis. Sort of like being in a Twilight Zone episode.

Once we got to Polis, we went first to the museum. We took the opportunity to look at thIMG_0880eir exhibits, it is a nice museum, clean and well-cared for. Then we went to the storerooms and looked at some ceramics from an excavation in Polis that had uncovered some interesting Hellenistic ceramics that we could compare to what we are finding at Vigla. It was actually a very productive morning. We decided to have lunch in Polis before we headed back, and so visited our favorite souvlaki place for one last meal – one of the best decisions of the day. We then stopped by the Polis dighouse and picked up some things we left there last week and headed back out to Larnaka.

The trip back was fairly uneventful. It did rain once – for about 5 minutes, but not much rain actually fell. The roads were fairly crowded and we did see one accident on the other side of the road when we got back into Larnaka. All in all, a pretty calm day.


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