Stampapalooza Friday

P1000422Basically, today was a repeat of yesterday with drawing, cataloguing, labeling, munselling, etc. Brandon and I drew another 50 ceramic profiles today. The big difference, at least to me, was the large number of stamped amphora handles that Brandon pulled out of a bag for us to draw. I am sure that there are archaeological projects where people have tons of stamps, inscriptions, etc., but at PKAP it is different. During the survey, there was a dearth of stamps, graffiti, or inscriptions. We were always on the lookout, but never had any luck. In fact, I can remember a time several years ago when Bill and I were using the GPS to make a DEM of Vigla, and as we went around a corner, there was a spot where part of the side of Vigla had collapsed and there were some stones lying around that looked from a distance like they could be inscriptions. Bill immediately yelled “Dibs on the inscriptions,” and took off running for them. Alas, it was not to be – no inscriptions.

[Side note – the system of “Dibs” used by PKAP is fairly elaborate and complicated with contradictory rules that often result in the need for a federally appointed negotiator to intervene. “Dibs” can be called on many different items, but is often used to claim priority on cool artifacts. It is believed that Brandon was the first to call “Dibs” on an artifact, as well as the ever constant refrain of “You owe me an ice cream” among others].

Below are a few of the stamped amphora handles – the photos aren’t great, but they should do the trick.


P1000438 P1000436






P1000437 P1000435


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