Just another Thursday

P1000426Well, nothing much to report today. We went back to the Museum today, just like yesterday, and the day before that. Basically, everything is running smoothly, Brandon and I are drawing, Dave’s students are cataloguing artifacts, and Dave is straightening out problems and overseeing the processing of the artifacts. I do feel that as a project, we have had fairly tight control over our artifacts and the processing of them. Despite that, sometimes an error can creep into the system at some point between reading the ceramics to drawing it. A fully processed artifact can be handled and examined/draw/weighed/etc. by 5-8 different people before it is fully processed. There is always the opportunity for a slip of the pen or another type of mistake to happen – but this has been very rare for us….so far…knock on wood.


Brandon and I drew a total of 50 ceramic profiles today. I have to admit that today went slower today for me, drawing wise, than yesterday. I had a rim that I tried to draw four times before just giving up on it. It was very frustrating and I am not the most patient person in the world, as people will tell you. There were several more basket handled amphorae bases and handles that were drawn today, so I took a few photos to illustrate what they look like since I mentioned them in yesterday’s blog. The picture on the left is Brandon holding two complete sets of handles, but from two different vessels. The picture on the right is Brandon holding a base for the amphora, but not a complete one.

P1000430 P1000428








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