A Morning at the Museum

P1000062So we started work today. We went first to the museum, well after going to the bakery for breakfast, and spent some time looking at the pottery excavated by the local archaeologist from what appears to be a series of workshops. It is primarily Hellenistic in date and is a pretty amazing collection. These artifacts provide nice comparanda for our work with the Princeton-Chrysocous excavations. It was a like ceramicists’ Christmas for us, since we got to open boxes to see what they contained and most had really cool artifacts. As I reread the previous sentence, I really how geeky that makes us sound, but it was actually pretty exciting.

After that, Brandon tP1000049ook a few minutes and demonstrated Agisoft PhotoScan for me, which I have just started trying out. I have to admit that it was impressive and that Brandon is pretty good with the software (don’t tell him I said so). The only drawback was that his mouse needed batteries and kept mentioning that. This led to us having the same conversation about ten times:

Brandon: Man!
Me: What’s wrong?
Brandon: My mouse won’t work.
Me:Why not?
Brandon: It needs new batteries.
Me: I wish I had known that, I could have brought some with me.

I really wish Bill had been there, he would have lost his mind listening to us – would have been priceless. We were working so hard that we did not notice that there was an earthquake on Cyprus this morning at 8:36.

After lunch, another good pork souvlaki plate, and then we went to the apotheke and started working on “cleaning up a few loose ends.” All in all, it was a pretty good first day. As per usual, there were a few start and stops as we tried to remember things, or figure out what we meant to do – but not bad. The priority for tomorrow is for me to do some searching for ceramics that we need illustrated for an article Bill, Amy, and I are working on. I had trouble finding all of them today, so I need to do some research to make sure that I am pulling the correct artifact boxes to look through. So, that is what I plan to do tonite after dinner.

Anyway, I have tried to upload an interactive pdf of our Agisoft scan of a lamp, in an effort to allow you the opportunity to play around with the 3D model Agisoft created. Click on the lamp link below. If you cannot get it to work, I am sure I did something wrong.



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