More Cypriot Red Slip via TrapIt

As I continue to think about Cypriot Red Slip, or Late Roman D, I decided to enlist the aid of one of my favorite apps – TrapIt – which is a personalized content discovery program. You enter in your search terms and the program pulls in internet blogs/articles/etc that deal with the topic. As it finds articles, you mark them as like or not relevant, and the program uses your ratings to refine its search. I have been using it to find articles on digital history, Roman archaeology, online education, and iPad apps and have found it to be very helpful and accurate in its content. So, I put in Cypriot Red Slip and waited to see what it would find. What it found was five blog entries from Bill Caraher this summer about our work in Polis. The search for Late Roman D found 15 articles, none of which were close to being relevant. It will be interesting to see what comes up in the upcoming weeks, or if these terms are too specific and the program works best for broader topics.


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